The API for your Waifu images

WAIFU.IM was originally created to be an alternative to, because it didn't match some of my requirements. Bit by bit has been improved to an extent that makes me proud to say that it is one of the best Waifu APIs. You can compose a gallery of your favorite pictures, and even upload new ones. It is easy to use and well-thought-out so that most of the endpoints have the same json structure. Finally, I would like to thank JSH32 for his precious advice regarding the infrastructure when he did not even know me. DOES NOT own any picture, therefore, we return a source link to credit the artist.

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Why should you use WAIFU.IM?

Regulary sorted and updated image database

The images are sorted between a variety of different tags that will allow you to narrow your research. Furthermore, they are sorted everyday to guarantee the best experience for the users. Finally, new images are regulary added to stay up to date on the latest trends.

Keep a track of your favorite pictures

You can add your favorite images in a Gallery and access it anytime. This great feature also makes possible for us to deliver you the most liked images of the API, for more information see the documentation.

A lot more!

There are many more reasons for why you should use the API, for example its fast speed. (tested in different regions of the globe the average response time was 200ms). However, this wouldn't describe its uniqueness, therefore start this journey and discover them yourself. Welcome to WAIFU.IM!